Sunday, 1 September 2013

Arrival - Part 1

Yes, I have arrived.  I arrived close to midnight last Saturday night,  since then it has been a whirlwind of integration into my new life. 

Oh, where do I begin?   I'm currently sitting in my beautiful dinning room, recently decorated by moi and my new flatmate, and trying to get my head around designing lessons and courses for, not only one year level, as I am trained to do in primary teaching, but five different year levels, let alone trying to understand the British curriculum and target setting.  Besides fighting the temptation to think that I am never going to understand this and give up, I am absolutely enjoying the school, the staff and even the content of the infamous subject that I thought I would never ever teach (ICT).

The children are delightful, they come from all over the world and bring so many diverse cultures to the school. Their stories are so interesting, even if they, themselves think their own story is not.

The teachers are very much the same with interesting stories of their own, but they are not as diverse culturally as the children. The majority of the staff are from the UK and a handful, including my flatmate, are from the States. In saying that we have a French teacher from Cameroon, a Korean teacher and a few Bangali Teachers. Most of the teachers, including myself, live in same apartment building, so we have become pretty close pretty fast.

When I first arrived I was taken directly to my new home with a set of keys and given a phone. The apartment is beautiful, it has 3 bedrooms, each with en'suite, a lounge, kitchen and separate dining. We also have a maid who is adorable. She makes sure that we are well fed, and have clean clothes everyday.  The roof is amazing, especially at night. the View during the day is limited but just as interesting for people watching as it is to watch the sunset. I have in my mind, and I am determined to have a party up there sometime soon, I'll let you know how that goes.

I have checked the time and I need to go to bed,  I am also fighting off the beginning stages of what I think could be the beginning of "Deli (Dhaka) Belly"  Oh dear, I was boasting to my boss this morning that I haven't felt the slightest bit sick since I arrived, I guess I spoke too soon.  I hope it doesn't last any longer than this evening. 

I'll continue on about my arrival over the next little while ... Until then, cioa for now.

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