Sunday, 20 October 2013


Wow, It seems like a long little while since I last wrote a post. I guess the saying is true though, no news is good news and this last month has been ... well, delightful.

I have felt a lot more comfortable here than I thought I would at this time.  I just wondered at what could have contributed to me feeling so "at home" and  I looked down at the little notes that I had written throughout the month, so I didn't forget what to write about when it came to this blog,  and I see the first point, and probably the most important, and that is, 'I baked a banana cake'. Yip, that'll do it.  The smell of a fresh baked cake will make anyone feel at home, I'm sure.

Cooking and baking has almost become a weekly event in this house.  Our Aya (maid) laughed, slightly giggled once when I told her that I will cook something myself one night.  I'm so curious to know what view she has of us bideshis (foreigners). 

Since my first venture into my "Bangladeshi kitchen" I have also made my first banoffee pie - I think it's safe to say that  it - was - amazing! I was even surprised at how yummy it was.  Sorry, I don't have photographic evidence of the creation, but it was, along with the other delectable delights that I've experienced here,  half eaten by the time I thought of even looking for my camera.

So in the long, short of it, I have baked and I'm feeling still quite at peace and delighted at this place.

As a side note, this month I also saw a family of monkeys for the first time and have seen them quite a number of times since. Again, every time I'm too slow at getting my camera out to take the photo.

School life:
We just resumed back into school life after having a very relaxing mid-semester break. So, organization, resources, and the reality that you can influence someone's life hit me again.  It's not about me.  Although, it would help to have a laptop.  The need for my personal computer/laptop became a apparent when the old school laptop died on me. Not to worry, God even knows what I need and at the last minute, before leaving school today I discovered it was again working.

I'm becoming more relaxed in my planning and understanding a little bit more, but what I have definitely discovered is that the more I understand and feel comfortable with an aspect of the curriculum or the topic I teach, another door of new information is revealed. It's starting to feel like a never ending portal of information. It is encouraging to know that I have learnt so much already and to think how much more I would know eight weeks from now.

So, the break was well needed.  I was reminded of everyone's warnings about the exhaustion that one's first year in teaching is.  Sleeping, movies, and eating were quite a treat!

The Holiday:
A bunch of us from school did spoil ourselves and spent a two nights at the Raddison Hotel for the weekend, the day school ended. We enjoyed the pool, the sun, the food, and the opportunity to wear western clothing. A weekend at the Raddison in Dhaka is highly recommended

A few days later I also experienced Qurbani Eid  the atmosphere was peaceful and felt like the quiet anticipation one feels before a hot NZ Christmas.  Prior to the 'day', the whole city was chaotic and then went suddenly quiet. Not many were on the streets, comparatively, except for the proud owners of beautiful goats and cows strutting around ... with the goats on 'dog' leads.  The animals were decorated, fed and looked after well for a week or so prior to the sacrifices.  Yip, sacrifices.   The day of;  there were children and men gathering at the bottom of each apartment building, crowding around the animal. Within minutes, or at least within the hour, the beast was dead, skinned, gutted and the process of dividing up the meat began.  At about 1pm the poor, dressed in their best, wandered around, door knocking, and just like Halloween, would be given a treat, in this case a portion of meat. 

Even though I don't share the beliefs of my fellow suburb-ians, I quite enjoyed the festive spirit, people dressing up, eating heaps of food and what's more giving to the poor.  Despite the lingering smell of dead animals, this Eid (festival) was quite delightful as well. 

So, thus concludes this months post.  I am safe, happy, and anticipating greater adventures in the near future. Hopefully with more photos. 

Ciao for now.

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